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Fewer than 5% of adult males retain the straight anterior hairline seen in young boys. Some men develop noticeable bitemporal recession and this may precede hair loss elsewhere on the scalp by many years. Hair loss on the crown starts around the whorl (at the back of the head), and spreads outwards in all directions to produce a circular baldness.

A second, smaller focus of balding occurs at the 6 o’clock border in some men. General diffuse thinning over the mid-frontal scalp (at the top of the head) is often first noticed as widening of the central part-line. It is also the hallmark of female pattern hair loss - the female equivalent of male pattern that affects over 75% of women as they age.

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Après son baccalauréat, elle retourne à Paris pour étudier l'histoire à l'université Panthéon-Sorbonne.

All men lose hair progressively as they grow older. For others it is obvious, and when hair loss is severe or occurs at a young age can be very distressing.

The hallmark of male pattern balding is that hair loss progresses in a distinctive and highly reproducible pattern.

Malgré une grande popularité en Suisse, elle quitte la TSR et se rend à Paris après diverses auditions avec Philippe Bouvard et Thierry Ardisson.

En 1997, elle arrive sur M6 et présente une émission en première partie de soirée, Télé Casting, qui n'obtient pas le succès escompté.