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“We played a charity event for musicians on call at the Rock and roll hall of fame.” The RIAA had no comment, but Musicians on Call released a statement.

“Musicians On Call brings the healing power of music to the bedside of patients in healthcare facilities and last night’s event helped raise money to support our programs across the country,” said the group’s president, Pete Griffin.

of America to benefit Musicians on Call, a charity organization.

What they didn’t do was adhere to Republican orthodoxy. Lead singer Stephan Jenkins made statements about LGBT tolerance and climate change, but got some boos for the remarks. In citing LGBT rights, he also called for the crowd “not to live in fear and impose that fear on other people.” The show ended with its 1998 single “Jumper,” about a man who killed himself because he was gay.

“We are incredibly grateful to all artists, volunteers and supporters who have helped us perform for over half a million patients, families and caregivers over the years.

This week, two men drew international congratulations (and local ire) for trolling the Republican National Convention.

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“None of my Republican friends are supporting Trump.They’re still trying to get something out of this kind of divisiveness.” Third Eye Blind was appearing in Cleveland for a benefit concert to support Musicians on Call, which brings music to hospital patients.But Jenkins says Musicians on Call “knew what they were getting” when Third Eye Blind was scheduled to perform. So little of the coverage that’s happened has been actually about policy. Oh my God, they air kiss.’ They talk about that on the news as if it’s news. “What’s news is that climate change isn’t mentioned once in the RNC platform.During your show Tuesday, you specifically brought up gay issues, then referred to belief in science, implying that might be a problem for some of the people there. We pointed out one fact -- that the GOP platform still seeks to make a whole group of American citizens, including my cousin, less -- and asked one question: “Who here believes in science?Was there any single part of the Republican platform or agenda you felt most compelled to address? ” The objections were not from our charity, but from convention believers.