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However, we have followed couple of scenarios and you can pick which ever naming convention you like. If you want to transport the HANA content as you are used to do for the ABAP landscape and has e.g.process tools in top of the system transport landscape, then the recommended approach would be to use CTS the HANA landscape is completely independent and there are no requirements concerning process integration or coupling of other application artifacts, then you can use the HANA only transport tool that is part of HANA Lifecycle Management (known as HANA Application Lifecycle Manager), which is a HANA only tool.In every project we have been asked for best practices for HANA Modeling.We thought it is good idea to use our experiences to come up with a best practices document.

In Part 2 I’ll explore some use cases for INDEX() and SIZE(), from the very simple to the advanced.“Every swipe is in a way casting a vote: I find this person more desirable than this person, whatever motivated you to swipe right. Login to the Manage Subscription page to see what version you're on; if you're not on the latest version and would like to update, just click the green Update now button.Applibot is one of the major social application providers in Japan.The uniqueness of the company is their extensive knowledge and experience in building super-scalable social game services on Google App Engine, the Platform as a Service (Paa S) offering from Google.