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Elgier Secretary: Maria Milagros Martínez Federation of Psychologists of Argentina (Fe PRA)/ Federación de Psicólogos de la República Argentina Azcuénaga 767 - 3º of.32 y 33 (1029) Capital Federal, Buenos Aires, Argentina Fax: -6322 Email Web (in Spanish) President: Ana María Delgado Secretary-General: Roxana del Castillo Union of Psychologists of Armenia Yerevan Abovyan Pedagogical Institute Yerevan, Armenia Phone: 7-885-3742-561105 President: Sergey Arzoumanian Association of Child Psychiatrists & Psychologists/ Asots'iats'ia Yerekhayi Hogebuyzhneri Yev Hogebanneri Sevkaretski Sakoi St., 25a Building Yerevan, 0012 Armenia Phone: 343 Email Web President: Maruke Yeghyan General Secretary: Marina Tozalakyan The Australian Psychological Society LTD PO Box 38, Flinders Lane Melbourne, Victoria 8009, Australia Phone: 61-3-8662-3300 Fax: 61-3-9663-6177 Email Web President: Anthony Cichello Executive Director: Lyn Littlefield Austrian Psychological Society/ Österreiche Gesellschaft für Psychologie (ÖGP) Paris-Lodron University, Department of Psychology Hellbrunner Strasse 34 Salzburg, A-5020 Austria Phone: 43-662-8044-5111 Fax: 43-662-6389-5111 Email Web (in German) President: Aljoscha C.Neubauer Secretary: Anton-Rupert Laireiter Professional Association of Austrian Psychologists/ Berufsverband Österreichischer Psychologinnen (BÖP) Dietrichgasse 25 1030, Vienna, Austria Phone: 43-407-26-71-0 Fax: 43-407-26-72-30 Web (in German) President: Sandra Lettner Director: Stefan Höfer Azerbaijan Psychological Association/ Azərbaycan Psixoloqlar Cəmiyyəti Nizami St.93/18 Baku, AZ1000 Azerbaijan Republic Phone: 994-50-363-7755 Fax: 9638 Email President: Alex M. Michaels, Barbados Email President: Mike Campbell Secretary: Noemi White Belgian Federation of Psychologists (BFP)/ Fédération Belge des Psychologues Galerij Agora - Bureau 421 Grasmarkt 105 / 18 rue Marché aux Herbes, 105 / 18 Brussels, B-1000 Belgium Phone: 32-2-514-75-09 Fax: 32-2-514-75-10 Email Web President: Johan Parisse CEO: Koen Lowet Belgian Association for Psychological Sciences (BAPS)/ Belgische Associatie voor Psychologische Wetenschappen/ Association Belge pour les Sciences Psychologiques Galerie Agora/Agora Galerji, Grasmarkt, 105 / 18 Rue du Marché aux Herbes Brussels, B-1000 Belgium Email Web President: Johan Wagemans Secretary: Dana Samson Bermuda Psychological Association P. Box HM 954 Hamilton, Bermuda HMDX Phone: 1-441-295-9923 Fax: 1-441-239-2257 Email Chairperson: Cherita Rayner Brazilian Society of Psychology/ Sociedade Brasileria de Psicologia (SBP) Avenida João Fiúsa, 1.901, sala 710 Ribeirão Preto - SP CEP 14015-060 Brazil Phone: -9366 Email Web (in Portugese) President: Ricardo Gorayeb General Secretary: J.Since 1996, Whowhere has been the premier people search and yellow pages search engine, helping our users find the people or businesses they are looking for.

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