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I have a lot to offer and am almost debt free including my home. I never really been in a relationship, but I know how to treat a woman. In my spare time I enjoy spending time with family and friends. I'm fortunate to have organs and body parts that still function normally. I would enjoy any communication as friends and eventually leading to a long term relationship, possibly marriage. Disabled Honest, Caring and fiercely loyal, sometimes I can be a bit blunt, but thats just cause I hate beating around the bush lol. Id like to start with a coffee/drink (no alcohol for me) followed by some food and then maybe on to the cinema if all goes well ... I have a slight disablity but doesn't hold me back from doing things. i love rock bands and have recently attended a few gigs locally and have tickets for an upcoming event. If you're not familiar with these conditions, please feel free to ask.The sports i enjoy most are football and basketball and i would like to go to watch some games as i haven't been for a long time. I ticked the disabled box, but I'm not convinced anyone looks.Whispers4Aim To function as an online community for the disabled world with the added advantage of comprehensive dating services – a surefire lure! USPIt starts with the byline, "there are 80 adult members whispering online now", which imparts a delightful feeling of wanting to share the secret!

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You have just missed a wonderful opportunity to get to know your date and let him or her get to know you, from your disability to your favorite song.It provides them with a variety of individuals with whom they can share thoughts and feelings about various issues, and possibly devise coping strategies in times of stress.The Internet provides a wonderful shield of anonymity and when a disabled person starts out on a site like this, they have the opportunity to engage in an animated discussion, or perhaps even a flirtation, with a member of the opposite sex, without feeling inhibited by his/her disability. I can accept anyone for who they are (just be yourself). Please reply with "Immune Web Friendship 2005-06" as your email subject heading. I enjoy movies, camping, communicating, and being outdoors. I am looking for a chemically sensitive woman with similar interests for friendship and a possible long term relationship. ARTISTIC, eclectic, spiritual, analytical, intuitive, creative, full-figured, feminine/slightly androgynous woman, late 30's, with CFS, FM, & EI seeks a feminine to androgynous woman who is kind, patient, understanding, open-minded, loyal, protective, supportive, & loving. No matter what your disability: multiple chemical sensitivity, chronic fatigue syndrome (CFIDS/ME), fibromyalgia, lupus, asthma, diabetes, chronic pain, amputee, MS, wheelchair user, hearing impairment (deaf), visual impairment (blind), depression, mental illness, allergies, AIDS, etc, (or no disability at all) you are welcome here. If sharing my life in any way is an interest, please feel free to write. I'm kind, independent, honest, loyal, both spontaneous and a planner, down to earth, wise, open-minded, passionate, great listener, nonjudgmental, understanding, patient, not quick tempered, trusting, and caring. I am educated, open minded, spiritual and have a good sense of humor.